Friday, 10 June 2016

A Dream Home Tutorial (My first game tutorial)

A Dream Home Tutorial

Hello. This is GamePegasister. I will be writing tutorials for games I have made. This is my first game tutorial.

This is a game I made called "A Dream Home", where you play as a young woman who inherits her grandmother's house. The object of the game is to clean and remodel the place.

Your new Home

You play as Katherine, a young woman who inherits the house from her grandmother. First task is to clean the house. Before you get started on it, I suggest mowing the grass. You can find the scythe to do so in the garden shed.

Getting the ScytheTo get the scythe, you have to enter the house and go into the north wing. Keep going until you are at the door on the other end of the hall. Exit that door and you'll see a shed at the top right hand corner. Open the door and the scythe will go into your inventory. Equip the scythe and then press the space or enter button to cut the grass.

Cleaning the House
You won't be cleaning the house yourself. However, services to do so are pretty expensive, so you'll need to work. You can go to work by going to the front yard and standing on the end of the pathway. You'll earn 25 G each time you work.

Clean House - 100 G
Renovate House - 175 G

To hire cleaning services, go to the phone and use the action button(s). You'll be asked what services you want to hire. The "Renovate House" option isn't available yet. Select the "Clean House" option and you'll be transferred to the clean mansion.

Renovating the House
This takes the same task to get the funds, but more work. You'll need 175 G in order to afford it. Once you have it, go to the phone again and select the "Renovate House" option. You'll be taken to the improved version of the house. Your next task is to explore ALL the rooms.

I hope you enjoy playing the game. This is my first official game.

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