Saturday, 29 July 2017

Aging Out Tutorial


Hello, my name is GamePegasister91, now with the game dev pseudonym GrumpyBunBun, and welcome to another tutorial for a new game I created.

The game is called Aging out and it is about two boys who run away from foster care in search of their parents.

Timmy was given up by his mom because of pressure from her family to preserve their reputation while Rodney was given up due to being unable to afford to care for Rodney.

At the end of this game, you'll find statistics under the credits.


We enter Timmy's room to find him packing his things when Rodney comes in and asks what he's doing. After the dialogue, head into the foyer and search the chest. You get a Locket With Photo from it. Then USE the computer to look up Timmy and Rodney's parents. This will give you the names of the mothers. This will come in handy later.

After you've searched the chest and computer, leave the foster home and head to the train station, which takes 2 transfers. Talk to the guy at the desk and he'll ask if you want tickets. They'll be $10 each. You have the $40 that Timmy stashed away. Buy the tickets and GIVE them to the train engineer. Take a seat in the upper right corner closest to the sliding doors. This will trigger another dialogue before transferring you to Verness' train station.

Now, to look up the addresses, I recommend you USE the computer by the door the train engineer will be blocking. This will trigger the scene where you will search for Timmy's and Rodney's mothers. If you already searched the computer, Timmy will simply skip to "Theresa Myers" and "Betty Baker". If not, you will find "Howard Myers" and "Ruth Myers".

HEAD TO THE OUTPOST BAR - You will need it to gain the toolkit and advance the story. TALK to the bartender. He'll tell you where Fairfield is and the waitress will inform him that the sink is broken. He gives you the toolkit. TALK to the waitress and you'll enter the kitchen. Press SPACE or ENTER in front of the sink and click USE. In the key items menu, select TOOLKIT and you fix the sink. TALK to the bartender again and he'll pay you $20.

Go through the forest to the other end of the path. Once you hit Fairfield, TALK to the lady standing on the corner of the street and she'll tell you where the houses are. The first one is where you need to go, the second house is locked. Go to the house at the upper left-hand corner and enter. TALK to the red-haired woman and fix her sink. Once you fix the sink, Rodney will point out her similarity to the woman in the locket. She reveals that --- dun dun DUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN --- she's Timmy's mother. She reveals the circumstances and offers to make a celebratory dinner. You get a GROCERY LIST and $20.

Go to the grocery store, which is in the lower right-hand part of the map and is a tan building. USE the APPLE, the ORANGE, the CHICKEN, and the VEGETABLES. Proceed to one of the registers and you will get GROCERIES. Return to Theresa to trigger a cut scene.

Timmy falls ill and is taken to a hospital. You have two choices: Easy Route and Hard Route.

Easy Route

The easy route is to go to south to the Tapped Out Bar and Grill where you will speak to Rodney's mom, Betty. She joins you and you are transferred to the Hospital. You see a heated argument between Theresa and her parents. Afterwards, you can approach her and Betty will offer to pay Timmy's hospital bill. Theresa will give you the PRESCRIPTION NOTE.

Take the PRESCRIPTION NOTE to the pharmacist in the hospital and GIVE it to him. He'll give you the MEDICINE to give to Timmy. You can give Timmy or Theresa the ANIMAL CRACKERS, but that's optional.

Hard Route

The hard route is for Rodney to go around Fairfield by himself and repair every sink in the town before returning to the hospital. You can do this ahead of time if you wish. Follow the above instructions to give Timmy his medicine and give him animal crackers (optional).


After the game ends, you will see statistics from related to foster care. And that's it. I hope you enjoy the game and I hope to produce more games in the future.

Friday, 10 June 2016

A Dream Home Tutorial (My first game tutorial)

A Dream Home Tutorial

Hello. This is GamePegasister. I will be writing tutorials for games I have made. This is my first game tutorial.

This is a game I made called "A Dream Home", where you play as a young woman who inherits her grandmother's house. The object of the game is to clean and remodel the place.

Your new Home

You play as Katherine, a young woman who inherits the house from her grandmother. First task is to clean the house. Before you get started on it, I suggest mowing the grass. You can find the scythe to do so in the garden shed.

Getting the ScytheTo get the scythe, you have to enter the house and go into the north wing. Keep going until you are at the door on the other end of the hall. Exit that door and you'll see a shed at the top right hand corner. Open the door and the scythe will go into your inventory. Equip the scythe and then press the space or enter button to cut the grass.

Cleaning the House
You won't be cleaning the house yourself. However, services to do so are pretty expensive, so you'll need to work. You can go to work by going to the front yard and standing on the end of the pathway. You'll earn 25 G each time you work.

Clean House - 100 G
Renovate House - 175 G

To hire cleaning services, go to the phone and use the action button(s). You'll be asked what services you want to hire. The "Renovate House" option isn't available yet. Select the "Clean House" option and you'll be transferred to the clean mansion.

Renovating the House
This takes the same task to get the funds, but more work. You'll need 175 G in order to afford it. Once you have it, go to the phone again and select the "Renovate House" option. You'll be taken to the improved version of the house. Your next task is to explore ALL the rooms.

I hope you enjoy playing the game. This is my first official game.